Karel Kucera, CBO, MisterineKarel Kucera, CBO
In the current day and age, the current business world is striving for new technologies and new products every day. The result of such fast tech development is very complex workflows and their ever-changing nature. Executives are on their toes to reduce the capital invested in the journey of achieving optimal customer satisfaction and staying ahead of the competitive edge. Consequently, companies are confronted with the challenge of coping with the dynamic market and competitors, while making sure their employees are capable of handling these complex workflows and fast product changes. At this juncture, there is a need for businesses to implement robust solutions for simplifying workflows and transfer of data efficiently. In an ambitious bid to address these issues and facilitate streamlined workflows with the promises of Augmented Reality (AR), Misterine was brought into existence.

The idea behind Misterine’s inception was to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of product-specific visual information pertaining to objects in the most comprehensive manner. “Industrial tasks are becoming more complicated and diverse each day, mostly due to the rapid technological growth and product development, accompanied by the necessity for greater security. Often, workers become confused by the complexity of workflows and commit errors, and this is precisely what Misterine aims to solve,” observes Karel Kucera, CBO, Misterine. According to Kucera, more than 30 percent of the manufacturing and maintenance tasks performed by skilled workers are non-productive activities.

In an attempt to reduce workers’ workload and allow them to focus on other essential aspects of a task, Misterine is developing an AR platform that will assist in the automatic creation of complex AR manuals from existing customer data.“This is the most advanced industrial scenario across industries including aerospace, electronics and transportation and we want to address it,” states Kucera.

Capable of facilitating business operations across multiple areas of specialty, Misterine’s AR platform ensures a secure ecosystem for companies, protecting confidential data, and making adjustments during operational changes. “Misterine aims to provide three types of solutions to its clients. The first one is a light version of our AR platform that is designed for simpler procedure of visualization; the second one is the full version for developing AR manuals and other complex tasks; and, the third one is aimed at addressing specific requests of our clients, based on their business processes,” adds Kristopher Blom, Product Manager at Misterine.
Kristopher Blom, Product Manager, MisterineKristopher Blom, Product Manager
Misterine’s capability to collaborate with the most prominent players in the industry stems from the scalability of its solutions. The company aims to launch light and full versions of its scalable AR platform within a year, along with one additional product that targets a wider client base by the end of the year. Misterine’s AR platform will validate product data, including CAD as well as technical information sets, orchestrate instruction elements from manuals, and automatically create AR assistance. These instructions can be displayed through tablets, HoloLens, smart glasses and projectors, thereby guiding skilled workers as well as trainees in the precise completion of tasks. Misterine also designs AR manuals for training, helping trainees understand manual procedures better while reducing the burden of skilled workers. The company’s AR solutions efficiently improve quality assurance, detect human errors, and facilitate collaboration amidst operators. Moreover, these solutions provide corrective actions, assisting in the preparation of paper documents, and recording of statistics related to the specific procedures of a task. “In cases of new products, Misterine can create VR maintenance training and later integrate with AR solution,” explains Blom.

This AR solution is capable of ushering commercialization of new products and support maintenance activities, eliminating all confusion by complicated written manuals and cumbersome paperwork

Misterine has recently kicked off the final stage of Project VIPER, in collaboration with European Space Agency (ESA) and GE Aviation toward the development of AR manuals for engine assembly. The project aims to automate the creation of AR manuals based on technical and product data on a highly sophisticated GE engine. “This AR solution is capable of ushering commercialization of new products and support maintenance activities, eliminating all confusion by complicated written manuals and cumbersome paperwork. We believe this project will revolutionize the industrial procedures and shape AR technology in the near future,” claims Blom.

Currently, Misterine is working on three AR solutions for maintenance fields for a large company in the aerospace industry. The first is an AR system, enabled with an overtop camera and projector. This system will allow users to recognize objects and collaborate with peers to reduce collective workloads. Ensuring improved system interaction for organizations, the system will empower users to focus on tasks demanding specific know-how. The second AR system, connected to real-time data feeds, displays the status and details of objects through tablets or HoloLens. This system will guide users to locate objects and provide detailed product information. The last solution is an AR manual to help users in the course of complicated disassembly and assembly process.

At present, Misterine is focused on validating its AR platform in cooperation with leading companies across industries. “The company also has plans to roll out a product that will address a wider customer base across the US, Japan, China and other countries that are showing interest in AR by the end of this year,” concludes Kucera.

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